In 2010 DGFC collaborated with the Sabah State Government, the SWD, WWF-Malaysia, and the NGOs HUTAN and BORA in the organisation of a workshop to present and discuss the three state action plans for the Bornean elephant, the Bornean orang-utan and the Sumatran rhinoceros. DGFC’s members were key in providing scientific results and drafting the five-year action plans for elephants and orang-utans, which were approved in 2011. Currently, the state action plan for the Bornean elephant is under review and re-drafting by DGFC’s members.

In 2017, DGFC and the SWD organised three international closed-door meetings and workshops with the final goal of obtaining action plans for the proboscis monkey, the Sunda clouded leopard and the Bornean banteng. Population and Habitat Viability Analyses (PHVA) were performed for the proboscis monkey and the Bornean banteng by a panel of experts and government officers. The results of the PHVA were presented to the stakeholders during the international workshops. The workshops consisted in quality presentations, discussions in ad-hoc working groups, and a general discussion to incorporate relevant information into the action plans. The ten-year action plans have been drafted by DGFC’s director, reviewed by the experts, and are to be presented for final discussion and approval in September 2018. The final versions will be available in this website.