About DGFC

Welcome from the Director

Since our inception, the Danau Girang Field Centre continues to maintain its proud record of inclusion and partnership in support of Sabah’s ongoing conservation priorities and, through research, advance our understanding of the complex issues facing the wildlife living in the fragmented landscape of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary.

Whether you are seeking to learn more about our research, the field centre’s facilities, or what we can offer you during your visit, I am sure you will soon discover the breadth of expertise and opportunities available which continue to make an impact in supporting the conservation strategies of the Sabah Wildlife Department and to the lives of many of the researchers, students and volunteers who visit us.

Professor Benoit Goossens

Director, Danau Girang Field Centre

Professor, Cardiff University

The Danau Girang Field Centre is supported by Cardiff University (Wales, UK) and the Sabah Wildlife Department (Borneo, Malaysia).

Our Vision

To be a “collaborative research centre for the applied conservation of tropical eco-systems using world class facilities and cutting-edge technological tools for the effective management of wildlife in a fragmented landscape, while providing outreach and awareness programmes for multiple stakeholders (local communities, eco-tourism, palm oil plantations) whilst upholding a standard of internationally-recognised expertise and scientific publications.

Our Mission

To further scientific research with the aim of contributing to long-term conservation projects in the area and develop a better understanding of our environment and the living things we share it with.

Our work is organised around three key areas


Our research aims to help mitigate the loss of Asian biodiversity by understanding the effects of lowland tropical forest fragmentation on the ecosystem. Through advanced technologies, we explore the survival mechanisms of multiple flagship species, with the aim of developing species action plans and landscape management guidelines.


We welcome Malaysian and international students from all over the world, providing facilities and resources for research projects, field courses and professional training. We actively promote public awareness and understanding of the benefits of conservation, especially the importance of Sabah’s wildlife and its habitat.


We work on the implementation of the State Action Plans, closely collaborating with enforcement agencies by facilitating and providing training to mitigate wildlife crime and expanding their teams and specialist units.

We engage with local communities, policymakers, NGOs, eco-tourism operators, oil palm plantations, and volunteers alike, encouraging in-situ conservation and advocating for effective wildlife management.


We sincerely thank our funders, sponsors, and donors who have supported our work financially and in kind since the field centre’s inception. The Sabah Wildlife Department and Cardiff University UK have continued to provide strong support and assistance in managing the field centre. As our research work remains heavily dependent on grants, we continue to seek local and overseas funding opportunities.