The Health at the Edge Project (H@EP) is an initiative created by Liesbeth and Sergio, that aims to understand the potential of infectious disease transmission between domestic and wild species in human–modified landscapes in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. This multi–species and interdisciplinary project aims to:

(1) generate baseline data regarding the diversity of pathogens co–existing in highly fragmented landscapes and their impact on wildlife, domestic animals and humans;

(2) identify hotspots of inter–species interactions and parasite transmission risk, and;

(3) create strategies for mitigation, control and prevention of infectious disease in human–wildlife interface areas, in order to contribute to wildlife conservation, animal welfare and the improvement of the local economy.

During the first stage of this project we will be working in the Kinabatangan floodplain, exploring the potential interactions among domestic cats, flat–headed cats and leopard cats in the boundaries between oil palm plantations and forested areas. This will be conducted with financial support from Panthera’s Small Cat Action Fund.