With Scubazoo

Project Description

DGFC has teamed up with Scubazoo , South East Asia’s leading underwater filming and photography company, producing videos to increase awareness to wildlife problems. Please share them!


Illegal activities videos

Stop Illegal Hunting: Illegal hunting is destroying wildlife worldwide.

Stop the Illegal Pet Trade: The illegal pet trade is causing wildlife populations to decline worldwide.

Stop Buying Illegal Wildlife Products: Buying illegal wildlife products only encourages people to keep hunting and killing wildlife. 

Wildife Crime: You can be part of the solution by reporting illegal activites. 


DGFC’s activities

Informed Landscape Conservation – Our work and goals in a nutshell

Borneo Jungle Diaries – DGFC’s activities and day-to-day life at the centre, highlighting our scientific work and conservation initiatives.

Season 1

Trailer – Borneo Jungle Diaries

Episode 1 – Meeting Borneo’s wildest scientists

Episode 2 – Pangolins

Episode 3 – Insects

Episode 4 – Otters

Episode 5 – Pythons

Episode 6 – Monitor lizards

Episode 7 – Slow loris

Episode 8 – Crocodiles

Episode 9 – Civets

Episode 10 – Elephants


Season 2

Stay tuned! It’s currently being filmed.


All videos can also be watched at the YouTube DGFC  and SZTv channels.