Short Educational and Awareness Video

Project Description

Attention! – During the COVID19 pandemic of 2020, our education and awareness programmes have been adapted to include healthy social distancing practices while still striving to achieve the objectives we have set out to do.

This project aims to spread awareness and educate the public about environmental issues using social media during the period of MCO and any movement restrictions afterwards. It provides an additional platform for DGFC to communicate with the public about conservation matters while allowing DGFC’s scientist and staff to share and create short videos base on their individual expertise and experiences.

Headed by Tim Chang, a Research Officer at DGFC, a total of six short informative videos are to be released once at the end of each month, starting on July 2020 to November 2020. These short videos will be released on the DGFC’s YouTube channel, and shared onto its other social media platforms.
Stay tuned for all the videos!

Urban Wildlife of Sabah