Project Description

Northeast Bornean Orangutan (Pongo pygmaeus morioOrangutan-01

IUCN Red List category and criteria: Endangered A2cd ver 3.1

Project leader: Dr Danica Stark

Research questions:

  1. What is the habitat use/ ranging pattern for the Northeast Bornean orangutan in the LKWS? Are there any differences between sexes in habitat use?
  2. What is the dietary strategy of the Northeast Bornean orangutan?
  3. Are there any seasonal differences in habitat use or feeding strategy?
  4. What is the role of the mother in the development of the infant?


In order for comparable data to other orangutan research sites, behavioural data were collected according to the guidelines outlined on the University of Zurich’s website, http://www.aim.uzh.ch/de/research/orangutannetwork/sfm.html. The standardized field methods, behavioral data sheets, and ethogram were specifically used from the orangutan project in Tuanan, Central Kalimantan. Two-minute interval sampling took place, with a focus on behavior and height of individual, time spent in a food patches, feeding tolerance of the focal to another individual, and the distance of the focal from other individuals. Behaviours observed were defined in the ethogram used for the orangutan project in Tuanan.

Understanding how orangutans adapt to irregular resource availability in a degraded habitat is essential to increase our knowledge of the needs of this species in order to make informed decisions for conservation and management plans.

A main collaborator on this project is Prof. Serge Wich, University of Liverpool